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 B.Sc., B.Sc. (Hons.), B.Iuris


1.1            QUALIFICATIONS

1.1.1            Academical

                   B.Sc  Chemistry  and Mathematics

                   B.Sc (Hons.) Chemistry


1.1.2        Technical

               Advanced Technical Certificate (Metallurgy)

               National Technical Certificate (Chemistry)

               National Technical Certificate  (Geology and Mineralogy)

1.1.3       Other

       Pilot - Single Engine Aircraft

       Pilot - Twin Engine Aircraft

       Commissioned  officer in S.A.A.F.

       Internal workstudy diploma, Iscor


1.2.1.      Pilot

      Fighter pilot - South African Air Force

      Transport pilot - South African Air Force

      Private pilot

1.2.2       Scientist

        Research Chemist:  Council for Scientific and Industrial Research

        Senior Research Chemist:  Iscor Research Laboratory

1.2.3       Management Consultant - Iscor

              Area of work:  (i)  Post Evaluation and Manpower Determination.

                                  (ii)  Training of middle management in management skills

1.2.4      Law

     General legal work in Law Practice.

     Legal Adviser.

1.2.5      Lecturer

     Mathematics:  University of Pretoria

     Mathematics:  Pretoria Technical College

     Mercantile Law: Pretoria Technical College

     Handelsreg: Technical College

     Company Law (CIS): Durban Technical College

     Management skills:  Iscor, Pretoria


             Married to since 1959 to Susanna Catharina van Wyk, the best thing that ever happened to me.

1.4        CHILDREN

             1.4.1  Sophia Elizabeth Schoeman           

             1.4.2  Maria Magdalena Saunders            

             1.4.3  Susanna Catharina Mare               


After I left school I joined the South African Air Force, was trained as a pilot, and served as weekend pilot over a period of eleven years. In that time I served as a fighter pilot and transport pilot on three different Air Force squadrons. During that time I did a science degree, graduating with Chemistry and Mathematics as major subjects, and thereafter obtained a post-graduate degree in Chemistry. I did scientific research at the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) and the Iscor research laboratory for ten years. During my tenure at Iscor I was in due course employed as management consultant and was inter alia engaged in managing work study projects. During that time I obtained a law degree and soon thereafter went into law practice. I have worked, ever since, as a lawyer, both in law practice, and as legal advisor. I am presently still retained as legal adviser of a corporation and employed, from time to time, as ad hoc legal adviser. For some time I conducted mathematics workshops at the Pretoria University and lectured at technical colleges in Mathematics, Commercial Law, Handelsreg, and Company Law.

I can truly say that law, science and journalism can only be described as some of my many passions