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B.Sc., B.Sc. (Hons.), B.Iuris


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                                                                               23 October 2006

By email.

The Editor,




Letters to the Editor

I submit the copy here below, in Comic Sans MS font, for your kind attention:

“I read your perplexing response (Issue 33 Volume 3) to a letter of Emma Conradie, who asked why you did not report on a “bombscare and a supermarket fire in Ballito”. Your explanation is that you are not a “community newspaper” and that the incidents were “non events”.

Now, as a journalist, I am confused. I don’t know how the fact that you are not a community newspaper has anything to do with the decision not to report on an incident that happened in your target area, “Ballito to the ‘Berg”. Furthermore, to refer to a “bombscare and supermarket fire“ as “non-events” is also rather bizarre. I think that it is reasonable for your readers to expect to be informed about the mentioned type of “non events” in your publication.

This letter appears under the link, “GENERAL” on my website,

Coen van Wyk

I am not prepared to agree to any editing of the letter.

Should you decide not to publish the letter, then kindly inform me accordingly since I would then submit it to The Witness.

Kind regards,