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This link contains some extract from my book, “The Bible in Perpective”, that will in due course be published. It is a non-spiritual and purely academical treatise on, what I regard as the most fascinating and revealing writing ever produced by mankind, the Bible. In my opinion The Bible possesses its own brand of intrigue that surpasses that of the Mahabharata, Upanishad, Koran, and Sanskrit and Vedic literature (even when viewed collectively). During the course of history the Bible has been the cause of a plethora of wars and is indeed the sole basis of the conflict in Palestine. And its contents and the structure thereof are truly perplexing and profoundly riveting.

But, be warned!

If you do not have a stomach for the austere truth, then do not click on this link. Don’t go there!

Bible 1 - The Exodus from Egypt, in perspective

Bible 2 - The Biblical Flood in perspective

Bible 3 - Emmanuel in perspective.

Bible 4 - Jesus’s conflicting preachings on forgiveness in perspective.