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You can also view the following articles (by clicking on the links) that I have had published on

(a)        America’s high tech answer to North Korean missiles
A Boeing that can fry rockets in the boost stage
Date Published: 13/07/2006

(b)        Holocaust denial could land you in jail
Watch what you say in certain countries
Date Published: 10/07/2006

(c)        Book Review: The Jesus Mysteries by Timothy Freke and Peter Gandy
The Jesus-like figure in Pagan myths
Date Published: 07/07/2006

 (d)        Mom and kids escape harm after car bursts into flames
Traffic stopped as fire totally destroys vehicle
Date Published: 21/11/2006

 (e)        Can FNB or MWEB please explain this?
             Perplexing online banking experience
             Date Published: 15/11/2006

I may mention that Is a Johnic venture, Johnoc being the publisher of the Sunday Times. The following people are involved with

·        Hoosen Kolia, the General Manager of the Sunday Times;

·        a team of highly experienced journalists, who have between 20-30 years experience each;

·        Peter Malherbe, a former Managing Editor of the Sunday Times; and

·        Manu Padayachee of Carte Blanche fame.