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Important note

This website is advertisement supported!

 That came about as follows:

The host, a “United Online” company, is based in Utah in the US. The deal was that while I develop the website the hosting would be free. When I decided to upgrade to a banner free website the only payment option that was made available to me is payment by Visa, Mastercard, or American Express.

But! Some time ago I recorded a TV program concerning cyber crime, in which several FBI members, who specialize in cyber crimes, made it clear that they would never disclose their banking details on the Internet.

So, until I have resolved the payment issue with United Online, my site will not be “banner-free”.

I do have a banner free website that is hosted by MWEB, my Internet service provider, but it has many technical restrictions that are totally absent in the Utah based site.

 So (even with banners popping up), in the final analysis the Utah site has much more power than the MWEB facility.


After I left school I joined the South African Air Force, was trained as a pilot, served, over a period of eleven years, as a fighter pilot and transport pilot on three different Air Force Squadrons.

I also completed two science degrees, graduating in Chemistry and Mathematics, and thereafter did a law degree.

I did scientific research, at the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) and the Iscor research laboratory, worked as a management consultant at Iscor, practised as an attorney, started various businesses, developed two prototypes of a motor vehicle, and in due course had nearly 60 items published as a freelance journalist.

After I left law practice I have been retained as ad hoc legal adviser by various organisations I am presently retained as legal adviser by Cadhouse Design Enterprises CC.

The following list explains the links on this Homepage:





ABOUT ME:           


Contains information regarding my qualifications and experience and some background on what I have been up to after I left school.




Contains a list of the more than 60 items that I have had published.




This link deals with Lieutenant General Denis Earp who, after having been shot down in Korea, and spending nearly two years in a communist Prison of War camp, made a fighter pilot out of me when he was a lieutenant,  and later rose to the rank of Lieutenant General when he was appointed as Chief of the South African Air Force.




Contains my contact particulars.




Contains particulars of certain tomfoolery, that I am in the process of exposing, of the ASA (Advertising Standards Authority). The matter is ongoing and is at the stage where the ASA persists with its illegal and deplorable conduct and resorted to threatening me with an action for damages due to my alleged defamatory conduct.




This section tells about the two “rust free” motor vehicles that I developed and built.




Lists the articles displayed on this website.





Lists the Bible articles quoted from my book, “The Bible in Perspective”, to be published in due course.


This link contains some extract from my book, “The Bible in Perspective”, that will in due course be published. It is a non-spiritual and purely academical treatise on, what I regard as the most fascinating and revealing writing ever produced by mankind, the Bible. In my opinion The Bible possesses its own brand of intrigue that surpasses that of the Mahabharata, Upanishad, Koran, and Sanskrit and Vedic literature (even when viewed collectively). During the course of history the Bible has been the cause of a plethora of wars and is indeed the sole basis of the conflict in Palestine. And its contents and the structure thereof are truly perplexing and profoundly riveting.

But, be warned!

If you do not have a stomach for the austere truth, then do not click on this link. Don’t go there! 




Contains items of general interest.






You can click on this link and post comments regarding my website, (irrepsective of whether it is positive or negative, or constructive or destructive), or concerning any issue of any sorts that you wish to raise or discuss.