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A.        Articles published in SA Flyer magazine:

(1)            What a bird.

(2)            The Near-Fatal Red.

(3)            The Piper Chieftain tragedy.

(4)            The Scary Viscount.

(5)            Reply to a letter to the editor.

(6)            The Fascinating Gyro.

(7)            Is it Gambling or What?


Investigating the antics of the so-called “Independent” Review Panel of the CAA.

(9)            The Flying Lumberyard.

(10)      Britain and Russia collaborate and an American spy plane is shot down during the cold war.

(11)            The Octopussy Micro Jet.

(12)            Were these Air Disasters caused by Electromagnetic Pollution?

(13)      The “KNOWN CARGO” Fiction at Johannesburg International Airport.

(14)            The GOOD and the BAD and the UGLY.

(15)            Lasers, Mazers and Trail Blazers.

(16)            IMPORTANT NOTICE.

(17)            The emergence of the helicopter as a military tool-of-trade.

(18)            Flying in Volcanic Clouds.

(19)            The Universal Fighter Aircraft.

(20)            The “Strap-on” Aircraft.

(21)            The Universal Fighter Aircraft also know as The Joint Strike Fighter.

(22)            The Rotopter.

An Autogyro with Flapping Wings.

(23)            The Boeing Version of the Joint Strike Fighter.

(24)            The Shurlock Spectasuperrise.

(25)            Aero L29 Delfin Crashes – pilot lucky to be alive.

(26)      Dancing with Wolves, Running with Bulls and Flying formation with a Spitfire.

(27)            From here to the stratosphere on sunshine.

(28)            The Lockheed Martin Version of the Joint Strike Fighter.

(29)            Aviation after September 11.

(30)            Lockheed Martin Wins the JSF competition.

(31)            Aviation after September 11.

(32)            Scully, Arnie, Ellis, Chris, Johan, and Chemistry.

(33)            Aviation After September 11.

(34)            The Quest for VTOL.

(35)            The Siyandiza Harvard.

(36)            Here it is! An added value SA Flyer.

(37)      When is a flight from Johannesburg to Skukuza “international carriage”?

(38)            Hover is heaven, to Kuier at 17 is devine…

(39)      Gunfight at the OK Corral, the CFS saga and some bizarre statistics or, The tale of two specific years.

(40)            THE SCRAMJET – hypersonic air-breathing propulsion in flight.

(41)            Aviation after September 11.

(42)            Producer’s Note.

(43)            Sex-free sexual harassment.

(44)            Aviation Titbits.

(45)            Aviation after September 11.

(46)            All Roads Lead to Rand Airport – The Rand Airport Experience.

(47)            Aviation Titbits.

(48)            Aviation after September 11.

(49)            The Wright Brothers’ warp and NASA’s twist.

B.         Article at published in Sandton Chronicle:

Numbers come up … against the odds.

C.        Booklet commissioned by Nashua and entitled, “The Nashua Mobile Calendar Story”.

D.        Copy commissioned by the SAAF Museum entitled, “Visual Magic – The Art Behind The Imagery” as included in the 2002 calendar of the Museum.

E.         Articles published in The Builder:

(1) The Power of a Lien.

(2) The Spectacle Below.